Fair Use Policy

Last revised on December 11th, 2021.

With introducing the Unlimited elements to our plans and as part of our commitment to providing a high-quality, high-speed, and reliable service for our users, CodeFactor.io utilizes a Fair Use Policy (also referred to as the FUP) for its Software as a Service (SaaS) product.

Why do we have a Fair Use Policy (FUP)?

CodeFactor.io SaaS product offers a multi-tenant service. CodeFactor.io service is used concurrently by many subscribers. If a single customer places exceptionally high demands on the service, this may negatively affect the experience of other users.

The vast majority of our customers use the CodeFactor.io service in a way that the usage levels even during peak hours don't disproportionately affect the shared network and service capacity. Even though only a tiny fraction of our users may misuse the service, their activity can potentially affect the service for others. Our Fair Use Policy manages the unacceptable use and honors that everyone can use the service at its peak performance.

The Fair Use Policy

Fair usage of CodeFactor.io SaaS products is enforced continuously. Only users that generate exceptionally high load requests may be affected by the CodeFactor.io FUP. FUP is defined as per the limits detailed below, although CodeFactor.io reserves the right to alter these limits as CodeFactor.io deems appropriate.

  • a maximum of 20 branches per repository
  • a maximum of 20GB repository size
  • a maximum of 5K files per repository

If a code-repository exceeds this FUP CodeFactor.io reserves the right to limit or restrict service for such code repository.

Extenuating Circumstances

CodeFactor.io understands that a few customers may occasionally need higher limits than defined in this FUP. In those cases, CodeFactor.io requests to be informed via support channels to consider increasing FUP limits for such customers.
Changes to the Fair Use Policy

This Fair Use Policy may be updated from time to time, and the latest version of the document will be made available on this page.